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How To Choose A Hunting Knife


Is there a perfect hunting knife? Nowadays, there are several hunting knives currently on that market. After you determine the type of hunting, which you have an interest in, you need to ask yourself some questions to help you find the best hunting knife. Do you need a knife that is just meant for hunting only? Do you need it when not hunting?

Buying a hunting knife

Big game hunter

hunting knifeFor big game hunters, you need a knife particularly for dressing the big game. In this case, you need a fixed blade knife. This is because they are permanently open. This means that they are reliable and strong. Since the blade is ever open, it comes with a sheath for easy and safe carrying.

However, choosing a fixed knife is not sufficient. You need to choose a blade that is ideal for the purpose it is meant for. If you are using the knife only for big game hunting, then you need to choose a drop point blade. Also, a curved blade is perfect for skinning big animals. The heavy blade design should be used for splitting and butchering the rib cage and pelvis. Also, you may need a knife with a hook to open the abdomen of your kill.

Small game hunter

If you are a small game hunter, you just a small blade knife or even a pocketknife. A folding knife is the most recommended. Other than flexibility offered by a pocket knife, it is perfect for skinning small game.

Occasional hunter

This is a hunter who hunts for his or her reasons. He or she needs a mid-size folding knife. A classic knife is one that is small enough to deal with any game you have at hand. Also, it ought to be sturdy to be useful in field butchering and dressing game.

Carrying a knife daily

knifeIf you need a single knife for everything, you should choose a multi-blade pocketknife. Ensure you are conversant with the local laws regarding carrying of knives. In some areas such as airports, government buildings, and court rooms, knives are prohibited.

It does not matter the size or type of knife you have; it cannot carry out its job if it is not sharp and good. It is possible for a knife to lose its edge when dressing the animal. Thus, you need an excellent knife sharpener. Usually, the more expensive your hunting knife is, it longer it can hold its edge. However, hard blades are difficult to sharpen.