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A Guide To Buying Wheel Chairs


Wheelchairs have come a long way in their care and support of the disabled. Not to mention the ease with which they are operated. For those that have used it before, or still using it, there are guiding factors that must be adhered to. Even if everyone you know is strong and well able, you’ll need these strong points. Perhaps you’d like to perform a kind deed for the day. This includes buying wheel chairs for the disabled in hospitals and orphanages.

It would be a shame if your act of kindness went to waste simply because there are a few dysfunctionalities. It’s best to be prepared to avoid getting wasted when all you want is to be a blessing in disguise. Not all wheel chairs are wired the same. Each one of them has an operational level depending on the one who’s using them. For example, the wheel chairs used in carrying post natal women is not the same as the one used for the lame. Read on to find the one you’re looking for.

What to look for when renting wheel chairs

There are two options when you’d like access to wheel chairs. You can either buy them or rent them from organizations like wheelchair rentals orlando. When you opt for renting them, here’s what to look for;

The mobility of the wheelchairs

Check how stable and fast the wheels are in order for youwheelchairs to be able to make your assessment. The wheels are the most fragile parts of a wheel chair. They shouldn’t be overlooked but should be given first priority instead.

The The reason behind the renting of the wheel chair

For example, you may want to rent a wheel chair for someone who is temporarily disabled. The kind of wheelchair you’d take should be able to save on space. If you are traveling with someone who is incapacitated, they’ll definitely need their space.

Their functionality status

Check if they are operated manually or automatically. This depends on the level of ability of the beneficiary. If they are not badly off, they could do with the manual wheel chair. If they are seriously incapacitated, there is no question about their need for an automatic wheel chair.

The warranty of the wheel chair

It would be such a saving if the warranty of the wheel chair to be purchased came with a valid warranty.

Why you should rent and not buy a wheel chair

wheelchairsRenting has, so far, become one of the most popular means of gaining access to a wheel chair. It has been considered convenient due to the following reasons;

1. You may be undergoing some financial constraints. Renting might be the only affordable way of getting access to a wheel chair.

2. Renting a wheel chair is economic to your finances. Supposing your beneficiary gets healed by some miracle. You will no longer need the services of a wheel chair. You’ll instead discontinue your payments in agreement to whichever contract you signed. This is contrary to buying a wheel chair. It will be hard to get rid of it when its services are not needed anymore.